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ClearPlex drives into Europe from the UK!


Yesterday we had our first customer over from the Netherlands for a ClearPlex installation on his new Honda Civic Type-R, proving that it certainly has some unique benefits! Having heard a little about ClearPlex windscreen protection, and then researching more online, he tried to find a local installer, without any luck since it is still so new to the market. He then approached ClearPlex UK, asking if it was possible for him to get a ferry and drive over to our training workshop for installation, which we were very happy to oblige, especially since there was so much dedication on his part!


For many owners like him, a car is a considered investment, since you spend so much time, so frequently in them getting from A to B - and relying on them to do so safely. There is only so much glass can take though, and with the miles covered and the state of the roads today, damage is rife. ClearPlex prevents a windscreen having to be cut out of a car, which can cause many problems and rusting of the frame further down the line, as well as poses greater safety risks. There's also the inconvenience of having a car sidelined, and of course, costs - many sports or luxury cars have to go to the dealership for replacements, and Ferrari windscreens can cost up to £14,000. ClearPlex is ultra-tough, takes the impact of road debris, and really does provide protection and peace of mind. 


We're very happy the journey for our Dutch customer was deemed well worth it. Ben, our head specialist installer, spent 2 hours installing to perfection, and we then waved him off for his journey back over the waters to his home in Holland. What a great testament to a great product!


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