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ClearPlex on the International Space Station!


Its official, ClearPlex™ is out of this world… ClearPlex, a pioneer in protective technologies for windscreens and mobile devices, announced that their new line of touchscreen protection, ClearPlex Ultra, was selected for use on iPads on the International Space Station.


Every item that travels to the ISS must be thoroughly tested and approved to ensure the safety of the crew. In the case of the iPad, there was concern throughout the safety community about the risk of glass particles from a broken iPad screen that could cause serious injury to crew, should these dangerous particles become lodged in eyes, lungs or skin.


Following months of intensive testing and development among teams from the ISS, ClearPlex created a solution that not only strengthened the screen of the iPad, but in the case of a broken screen would keep all potentially hazardous glass particles and debris contained.


“ClearPlex has always been on the leading edge of screen protection technology,” said Peter Jensen, CEO of ClearPlex. “We believe we have the most innovative products on earth, and we are thrilled that our products will now be in space!”


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