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ClearPlex UK

ClearPlex UK

Driving on today’s roads can be both hazardous and expensive. ClearPlex™ offers the ultimate solution for peace of mind. Thermally fitted to every curve of your windscreen, this technologically-advanced film provides a shield against road and weather damage, taking the impact of stone chips and debris that often cause damage to windscreens, and leaving them in pristine condition.


The windscreen is responsible for about 20% of a vehicle’s structural integrity. An intact windscreen can prevent a vehicle roof from collapsing in an overturn, and help keep passengers inside the vehicle. ClearPlex™ film can help to preserve a windscreen in an accident, thereby protecting you and your passengers,as well as the vehicle itself.


In addition, UV stabilisers reduce heat and glare, and protect your vehicle and passengers from 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, making driving an all-round safer and more comfortable experience.

Business & Fleets

ClearPlex UK

ClearPlex™ is a cost-effective and innovative solution to protect your business investment. On long-haul and fleet vehicles, ClearPlex™ ensures the ultimate in protection from damage and dangerous situations while driving. Cracked and broken windscreens keep your vehicles and drivers off the road and cause costly unplanned delays – using ClearPlex™ will help make sure transportation requirements are completed on time, every day.


Meet management objectives

ClearPlex™ film will help to improve fleet management objectives, reducing costs for all kinds of fleets; corporate vehicles, government, rental and more. ClearPlex™ will prevent downtime due to repair or replacement, helping to keep your fleet vehicles efficient and on the road and your customers satisfied, adding value to your bottom line.


Improve safety conditions on the road

Stones and other debris kicked up by vehicles, wind-blown and falling objects can crack or break the windscreen, which causes dangerous distraction and obstruction of the view. ClearPlex™ takes what the road dishes out, leaving your glass intact and drivers safe. It also significantly reduces heat, UV and glare.


Reduce your maintenance costs

Installing ClearPlex™ is a clear decision when you consider the combined material and labour costs of repairing or replacing windscreens, and servicing vehicles that are side-lined on the road because of damage. ClearPlex™ film can be installed on your fleet at a very reasonable cost, and is quick and easy to install and remove.


Become a green fleet through environmental sustainability

More than 10 million windscreens are replaced each year and dumped into local landfills. That’s 19 windscreens per minute, every day, every year. Safety glass is not bio-degradable or recyclable. ClearPlex film helps to substantially reduce the use of landfills, and reduces the use of energy to manufacture and transport windscreen glass.

ClearPlex UK

Luxury & Supercars

ClearPlex UK

ClearPlex UK

ClearPlex™ is a clear decision when it comes to protecting luxury cars. With expensive windscreens incorporating more technology a common feature of today’s luxury and supercars, it’s more important than ever to protect your investment.


The UV stabilisers in ClearPlex™ film mean it blocks out 99.9% of UV rays and helps to protect the valuable interior surfaces and upholstery that are difficult to repair and replace. In addition, it can help prevent theft and criminal damage, taking the force of blows and keeping glass intact.


Use ClearPlex™ film to complete your vehicle protection system. Covering the body and lights of your vehicle with paint protection film is hugely beneficial and helps to retain its original look and value. ClearPlex™ film can complete the protection process you’ve begun on the other parts of your vehicle, ensuringit stays in pristine condition.


A broken windscreen can take your car off the road just when you need it for touring or exhibiting. Replacement, factory-made windshields can be difficult to find and require long lead-times for delivery. A replacement windscreen that is designed for your vehicle will be expensive to purchase and install correctly – the original factory-fitted windscreen is also by far the most superior. Research shows repaired windscreens are around 30% weaker, and 35% of replaced windscreens suffer future quality or safety issues. Keep your original windscreen intact and install ClearPlex™ to save you time, money and inconvenience.


ClearPlex UK

Stay on track with ClearPlex™ protection film, the ultimate in protection for motorsport vehicles. This technologically-advanced film provides a shield for the windscreen against track damage, taking the impact of stone chips and debris that often chip or crack windscreens, and leaving it in pristine condition. This means drivers can finish a race with no unplanned distractions or visual impairments that negatively affect performance and cost vital time.


ClearPlex™ is a crucial safety measure to protect drivers. The windscreen is responsible for about 20% of a vehicle’s structural integrity; an intact windscreen can prevent a vehicle roof from collapsing in an overturn, and help keep the driver inside the vehicle. ClearPlex™ film can help to preserve a windscreen in an accident, thereby protecting both the driver and vehicle.


In addition, ClearPlex™ effectively reduces heat and glare, making track driving safer and more efficient, with added peace of mind. ClearPlex™ are official sponsors of the Rahal Letterman Lanigan race team, and are proud to bring the ultimate in protection to the track.

ClearPlex UK

Shops & Offices

ClearPlex UK

ClearPlex UK

Optically clear and strong, ClearPlex™ is a perfect solution for domestic, shop and office windows. It reduces the risk of damage, inconvenience and the costs of replacement glass and boarding up windows. Unlike other safety films, ClearPlex™ is designed to save the glass itself and not just hold the broken glass fragments together. It also has the ability to confine impact loads to a small surface area, so doesn’t have to be applied over the whole window.


The UV stabilisers in ClearPlex™ block out 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, reducing fading of shop window display and items placed near to outdoor windows. It also provides a safer and more comfortable environment to work in if the area is exposed to direct sunlight, reducing heat and glare. The reduced glare makes working on computers or watching television easier, and can enhance comfort and efficiency in the workplace.


ClearPlex™ film reduces harmful rays in conservatories and other windows around the home that obtain direct sunlight, without altering them aesthetically or obscuring your views. Additionally, ClearPlex™ can be used to protect glass tables and other delicate interior glass surfaces vulnerable to scratches and damage, prolonging the life and value of your interior items.


ClearPlex™ provides the ultimate in protection against intruders. The ultra-tough multi-layered film acts like armour for your windows, taking the impact of force and holding the glass intact to prevent a break-in.

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