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ClearPlex UK agree sponsorship of ‘Holy Trinity’ race days


ClearPlex UK are excited to announce their new partnership with the famous ‘Holy Trinity’ race days as official sponsor. Businessman Paul Bailey, who organises the racing events, approached ClearPlex UK about using the film on the windscreens of his supercars and race cars, and loved what the product had to offer. Offering a product ideal for use on luxury and limited edition vehicles and to protect owners’ investments, ClearPlex UK were thrilled to then be offered the opportunity to sponsor the race days.


“This is a really exciting event, and it’s great for us to get involved at such an early stage with launching ClearPlex™ into the UK, so we can really showcase what it can do,” said Chrissy Kovach, Brand Manager of ClearPlex UK. “ClearPlex™ film is designed to take what the road dishes out, protecting expensive windscreens that incorporate a lot of technology.” added Ben Robinson, Managing Director. “Not only that, but it can keep the windscreen intact in the event of an accident and help keep the driver in the car, adding extra safety measures on the racing scene.”


Paul Bailey is the first person in the world to own the ‘Holy Trinity’ of cars, first owning the £866,000 McLaren P1, and then adding both the Porsche 918 Spyder and the LaFerrari to his collection earlier this year on the same day – tripling his hypercar collection in a matter of hours. The three vehicles, which have a combined worth of £3 million, all boast top speeds of more than 200mph, and are considered to be ‘hypercars’ – top-tier cars whose features, price and rarity sets them apart from ‘regular’ supercars. Paul commented; “’It is too early to say which is the best as they are all totally amazing. I will be able to better comment when I have driven them back to back on the race track.”


Mr Bailey’s three acquisitions have a combined horsepower of 2,740 and can reach 62mph in less than three seconds. They each have a top speed of more than 200mph. They are part of a new breed of ultra-performance cars which use environmentally-friendly hybrid technology to achieve fuel economy of up to 94mpg. All three are sold out. Just 375 models of the McLaren P1 have been built, while Ferrari is manufacturing 499 LaFerraris. Porsche has sold all 918 of its 918’s.


Check back for more details on the Holy Trinity racing event, being announced here soon!


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